Our Team

Dr. Aaron Albrecht
DC, B/Chiro, B/Sci (Chiropractic)

Dr. Aaron Albrecht has lived in the Cockburn area his whole life, having attended primary and high school in the area, and participating in sporting groups throughout the suburb. These deep community ties

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Dr Alex Mutu
BChiro, BSci (Chiropractic), ICCSP

Dr Alex has been a local to Mandurah from the age of ten, and still currently resides here with her young daughter. After graduating from Murdoch University in 2010, she took some time off chiropractic to focus on motherhood.

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Dr. Craig Allen
DC, B/Chiro, B/Sci (Chiropractic), B/Sci (Med Sci)

Dr Craig Allen migrated to Perth from London in 1997. Graduating from Belridge Senior Highschool, his interest in the human body, particularly in development of disease led him to complete a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science

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Mrs Van Padayachee

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