Vian is a disciplined, determined and driven person with a strong passion for all sports and the science behind the way the human body functions. Vian’s passion towards health and fitness stems from his own lifestyle and experiences, which he wants to share with others. By sharing his knowledge and philosophy, Vian is able to help his clients to achieve the best quality of movement possible for optimal body functioning.

When Vian was 19 years old he had a motorbike crash which ended his rugby career and resulted in spinal surgery. During this time,Vian was studying Sports Science and became intrigued by the rehabilitation process he was going through for his back. This desire to understand how exercise can help fix biomechanical dysfunctions and many other medical conditions led Vian to go on to studying Exercise Rehabilitation and gain qualification as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. After going through Exercise Rehabilitation for his own back, Vian was offered a job at the same clinic and has since worked in a variety of clinics and managed several gyms throughout WA.