Acupuncture in Cockburn, Yangebup, Beeliar, and Spearwood

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique that can be a great solution for alleviating pain. Acupuncture targets pain from tense muscles, so it’s excellent for those who suffer from conditions that are the result of tight muscles, including headaches, migraines, and neck, back, or shoulder pain. Those experiencing these physical problems will often experience immediate pain relief with acupuncture and might even see a reduction in long term pain.

Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy performs acupuncture in Cockburn, Yangebup, Beeliar, and Spearwood. Our acupuncture treatments make us unique, because most chiropractic clinics wouldn’t offer this technique for pain relief, but would instead isolate the spine as the cause of your pain even though it might not be the culprit. Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy offers holistic care plans that bridge the gap between chiropractic and physiotherapy, which allows us to alleviate your pain better and keep it from coming back. That’s because we focus on the entire body, which gives us a complete understanding of where your pain is deriving from and how to fix it.

A Traditional Technique with a Modern Touch

At Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we administer dry needle acupuncture in Yangebup, Beeliar, Spearwood, and Cockburn. Dry needle is an updated version of traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques that utilises modern science to gain a better understanding of nerve responses and trigger points. This technique focuses in on trigger points, which are areas of the body where muscles are tense from trauma, overuse, or immobilisation. Trigger points can cause pressure, pain, and even limited mobility, which is a discomfort all around and is often the cause of headaches and soreness around the body.

Inserting needles into trigger points sets off a chain of reactions in your body that will alleviate your pain. Dry needle acupuncture can separate or loosen tight muscle tissue, reducing tension. It also triggers a natural nervous response that causes a relaxing reflex in your muscles and sets off an emission of helpful hormones that are in charge of your body’s pain and inflammation control. Acupuncture is beneficial all around, which is why you should take advantage of Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy’s acupuncture in Beeliar, Spearwood, Cockburn, and Yangebup if you’re experiencing pain.

Acupuncture in the Beeliar Area: A Holistic Approach

Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy are not your traditional chiropractors who will give you a five minute series of adjustments and then call it a day. We are interested in a holistic approach that considers the entire body to understand the root of your pain better. That means we complement our chiropractic with other healing techniques to not only alleviate your existing pain but also to keep it away for longer and help prevent new pain from forming.

Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy recognises that all individuals are different and have unique bodies, lifestyles, and needs, so we will never treat you with a generic catchall plan. Instead, we cater your care to your individual concerns, opting for longer-term treatment plans that have you in the clinic less often. That means you can spend less time sitting around and more time applying the knowledge and tools you receive at our clinic to managing your pain in your everyday life. Reflex Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is the perfect place to receive acupuncture in Spearwood, Cockburn, Yangebup, and Beeliar.